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Urban Policy for Every City

According to the results of the 2020 Census, 86% of the United States population lives in urban areas.  Considering this, urban policy is increasingly becoming national policy.  For this reason, legislation of every kind must consider its impact on the unique challenges and needs of an ever-growing urban population.

Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District covers a large portion of Minneapolis’ urban center as well as its first-ring suburbs.  I will take the concerns of our communities to Congress and ensure that legislation serves the people who elect him or her to represent this diverse population in our cities.

To this end, I will support legislation that

  • Makes housing more affordable and accessible in urban areas while working with state and local governments to make zoning laws more equitable and undoes the damage caused by historical red-lining.
  • Encourages quality educators to teach at inner city schools and creates programs that encourage youth from inner cities to attend college or career training institutions after high school.
  • Creates job opportunities for urban areas and works with state and local governments to provide vocational training to residents of economically distressed areas.
  • Increases access to clean water with upgraded infrastructure and lessens the prevalence of food deserts in our inner cities.
  • Increases access to quality, affordable healthcare in cities.
  • Treats drug abuse as a public health crisis rather than crime and works with state and local governments to address drug abuse and overdoses as healthcare and not criminal offenses.
  • Works with state and local governments to increase public safety with training for policing that is just.
  • Enacts comprehensive gun control laws that get weapons of war off of our city streets.Ur
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