On the Issues


The United States is built on immigration.  People from all over the world come here to pursue education and careers; to escape persecution and violence; and to join loved ones who live in the United States.  But for many, the immigration system is a maze of contradictory policies, outdated procedures, and insurmountable bureaucracies.  And once they arrive, immigrants face more challenges economically and culturally.  As an immigrant myself, I know the challenges faced by our immigrant communities.  

To support our immigrant communities, I support legislation that

  •     Removes immigration quotas that disproportionately harms non-European immigrants.
  •     Creates a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants already in the United States and clear the backlog of pending hearings in our immigration courts.
  •     Streamlines the immigration process and clears the backlog of applicants more quickly.
  •     Provides welfare benefits and services to the children of immigrants, regardless of their legal status.
  •     Provides funding to sanctuary cities and bars the federal government from using funding as a leverage against local policies of immigration.
  •     Stops ICE activity in sensitive areas like schools, houses of worship, or medical facilities.
  •     Closes immigration facilities that do not meet humanitarian standards set by the American Bar Association and ends partnership with for-profit detention centers.

Together, we can protect our borders without causing harm to the immigrants who call America “home”—and the ones who want to.  

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