On the Issues

Renewed Democracy

Reform our political system

Reforming our political system should be a top priority for every American, no matter their political views. Untraceable campaign funding, outside interests, and corruption all feed into the lack of ethics and the dysfunction that poison our political system and prevent needed progress.

Far too many Americans have lost all faith in their government. Pew Research shows that only 16% of Americans trust their government to do what is right. Americans have lost faith in their leaders to do what is right because the system no longer rewards them for doing so.

Armies of lobbyists and special interest groups shape our leaders’ policy preferences, a corrupt system of campaign finance gives a select few enormous power over the choices our leaders make, and a lack of term limits, an open revolving door, and a lack of restriction on elected officials investing and trading all foster self-interested leadership.

I believe that we must reform our government to give power back to the people and to reduce the corruption that often deprives us of true representation in Washington.

I support:

  • Increased funding for non-partisan research and information organizations (like the CBO) to provide legislators and constituents with unbiased information on legislation and government actions.
  • Banning elected officials from working as lobbyists for at least 10 years after leaving office.
  • Banning legislators from trading individual stocks.
  • Banning elected officials from fundraising during working hours.
  • Establishing term limits for members of Congress
  • Banning dark and untraceable money in politics.
  • Banning foreign-influenced spending on campaigns.
  • Increased transparency in financial disclosures for members of Congress and their spouses, including a list of clients for whom they do business when it intersects with Congressional matters.

If elected, I pledge to:

  • Hold at least one town hall every month in CD5.
  • Never take a job as a lobbyist after serving in office.
  • Never use elected office or my campaign to enrich myself or my family members.

Defend Democracy

As an immigrant and a 40-year American citizen, I am deeply grateful to live in a democracy that empowers citizens with the power to shape the laws and public policies that govern them. As Americans, we exercise our right to vote to elect representatives to act on our behalf. Central to our American democracy is the concept of the “Rule of Law,” not rule by individuals or mobs. The exercise of power is not arbitrary but is instead in service to well-defined and established laws enacted by the majority of the people’s elected representatives.

I believe in this style of government, whether at home or abroad, since it is the only one that is based on universal principles of egalitarianism, the sovereignty of human rights, and the equality of all people in their right to self-determination. And it’s never been more important to stand for our democratic norms and principles than at this combative point in history.

I stand for:

  • Passing the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, which fully restores the Voting Rights Act of 1965, gutted in recent years by the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • Passing legislation that strengthens our election infrastructure and prevents cyberattacks by foreign adversaries.
  • Legislation that expands the concept of antitrust to technology monopolies.
  • Improving political civility, where we strive to understand opposing views and then disagree, if that is called for, rather than marginalizing or demonizing our fellow human beings.
  • Safeguarding our electoral system from the influence of would-be autocrats, ensuring that every American has confidence that their vote counts and that our election system maintains its integrity.
  • Ensuring that the nation’s capitol, all of our government facilities, and the people who work in them are free from the threat of terrorism and political violence.
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