On the Issues

United with Our Allies Against Autocracy

Today, we face a number of challenges that require renewed American leadership abroad. Most notably, we face a climate crisis that requires global action, and we face the threat of a coalition of increasingly aggressive authoritarian nations led by Russia, China, and Iran who are working to undermine democracy, national sovereignty, and universal human rights abroad.

America must shine as a beacon of hope for democracy, human rights, and progress in these dark times. We must use our power on the world stage to defend those facing discrimination, injustice, and persecution. And we must use our military to deter conflict, not start it.

In these difficult times, America must strengthen its alliances and partnerships abroad. President Trump showed just how weak America is when it stands alone. I support strengthening NATO and our alliances in Asia. America must lead by example and through collaboration instead of unilateralism.


In concert with our allies, America has stood up to dictators and authoritarians before, and we must do so again. For more than two years, the Ukrainian people have courageously defended their nation from Vladimir Putin and Russian invaders. The Russian war machine has killed more than 10,000 Ukrainian civilians since the start of the war. Ukraine is out-manned and out-gunned, plain and simple. If we fail to support Ukraine, it will fall to Putin’s imperial aggression. If Ukrainian democracy is to stand any chance of survival, it is imperative that America supplies them with the weapons they need to fight, and we galvanize our allies to continue to aid in this effort.

I support:

  • Strong sanctions against Putin, Russian oligarchs, and the Russian economy.
  • Supplying Ukraine with weapons, ammunition, and the supplies they need to protect themselves from Russia.
  • Continuing to strengthen the pro-democracy coalition that has formed in defense of Ukraine–providing an alternative example of American leadership, in the wake of calls for unilateralism or isolationism.
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