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Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Primary Challenger Don Samuels Announces First Quarter Fundraising Results

MINNEAPOLIS, April 14, 2022—Don Samuels, a candidate for Congress in Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District, today announced first quarter fundraising results in his Democratic-Farmer-Labor primary race against Rep. Ilhan Omar set for Aug. 9.
Neighbors for Samuels raised more than $350,000 in the first quarter of 2022 and started the second quarter with more than $320,000 cash-on-hand. In addition, more than 95% of contributors reported living in Minnesota, while more than 70% of all contributions came from the Fifth Congressional District. More importantly, 75% of all contributions were $100 or less.

“The stakes are high, and our strong fundraising totals demonstrate a growing support for a different approach to political leadership than what we’ve seen from Rep. Omar. Don believes in a bigger, broader Democratic Party that will work with the Biden administration to tackle the challenges this country faces—including the shameful and persistent racial disparities that continue to plague communities like ours, the urgent need to mobilize in the face of climate change, and attacks on democracy here and abroad. We’re thankful so many others believe in that vision as well,” said Joe Radinovich, campaign manager.

A native of Kingston, Jamaica, Samuels currently serves as the CEO of MicroGrants, a nonprofit organization that gives $1,000 grants to low-income people for the purposes of education, business development, and transportation. A skilled community and political leader, Samuels served three terms on the Minneapolis City Council and one term as a director of Minneapolis Public Schools. Samuels is also an ordained minister who sees the humanity in all people. His faith and political mentors are Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and President Obama.

Key differences between Samuels and Omar include support for President Biden’s signature infrastructure legislation, as well as public safety. While political infighting led Omar to be one of six congressional Democrats to vote against the president’s bill, Samuels believes Democrats must do a better job working together in the face of Republican opposition.

On public safety, Samuels and Omar differ significantly on defunding the police. Omar supports abolishing the Minneapolis Police Department in the face of rising crime rates across the Twin Cities metropolitan area, while Samuels favors an approach that embraces both accountability and justice, including the George Floyd Act and limiting the use of no-knock warrants.

“I’m running for Congress because while Rep. Omar and I share similar views on many issues, I believe this moment calls for a different approach to leadership—one that is less divisive and seeks to build a united coalition able to achieve greater progress for everyone in the Fifth Congressional District,” said Samuels.
For more information, visit or follow Samuels on Twitter @DonSamuelsMN or Facebook @donsamuelsforcongress.

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